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Video to DVD FAQ

Precautions you should take with your videotapes:


  • Always rewind your videotapes.
  • Don’t touch the tape inside the cassette.
  • After recording your memories to videotape, always break the recording tab on back of the cassette. For some videotapes, move the slider on the back of the cassette to “save” position.
  • For older tapes, inspect them before you insert them into your player. Look for mold, slack on the tape itself and open the front protective tab and check the condition of the tape.
  • VHS-C is a videotape format prone to accidents. Be extra careful with them. Make sure that your adapter is in good working condition and that the batteries are good. Always open the front protective tab of the adapter to make sure the tape is in the right position before you play it.

Frequentely Asked Questions:

1 - I want to hold on to my videotapes a little longer. How do I store them properly?
  • Always rewind a tape before storing it.
  • Store your videotapes in vertical position, in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid storing you videotapes in areas with high moisture, strong magnetic fields, or excessive heat. Avoid direct sunlight and strong vibration.
  • If you had your videotapes stored in a cold area, allow them to reach room temperature before using them again
2 -My videotape is damaged or broken. Can you repair it?

Yes, here a HDV STUDIO we can repair your videotapes before transferring them to DVDs or any other digital format that you may need. Please visit our  videotape repair  page for additional information on this service and for our pricing policy.

3 - Can you combine more than one tape into a DVD?

Yes! For a small additional charge we will combine up to 3 tapes into one DVD with our standard DVD transfer process. More tapes or sections of tapes can be combined into a DVD with our Custom DVD option or our custom editing option.

4 - Do you create DVD menus?

With our Custom DVD option we will create a customized DVD menu, sub-menus and chapter points that you can link to special events, dates, places or anything else that you want to make easy to find on your home movie collection.


5 - Can I edit my DVDs?

Yes, you can. There are consumer software options available that will allow you to rip your DVDs into your computer system and edit them. However, here at HDV STUDIO, we do not recommend that, unless it is your only video source. Video files on DVDs are called MPG2 and they are highly compressed.

For editing, we suggest you transfer your home movies to an external hard disk drive as an .AVI or .MOV video file. These digital files are a much better choice for video editing because they have a much lower rate of compression applied to them. No additional steps necessary just plug in your hard disk drive into you system and start creating your masterpiece

6 - What videotape formats does HDV STUDIO transfer?

Currently we can safely transfer the following videotape formats: VHS, VHS-C, Video8, HI8, Digital8, MiniDV, DVCam, BetacamSP, Betamax and ¾ inch Umatic Tapes.

7. Can HDV STUDIO transfer Pal Tapes to NTSC?

Yes, We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, HI8, Digital8 and MiniDV Pal tapes to NTSC.

8 – Should I transfer my home movies now or wait for new technology?

This is really a personal choice and based on the condition you have kept your videotapes over the years. We do not play the fear card - "You have to transfer today or you will lose your tapes." However, it is a fact that analog tapes are decaying and the longer you wait, the worse the condition of the tapes are going to get. You have kept your videotapes for a long time; a few more months or even years more will not affect the tapes that much, unless of course an accident a major accident happens.

9 - What is the standard turnaround time for home video transfers?

Video transfers turnaround time depends on videotape format, volume and season. It normally ranges from 3 to 5 business days for orders up to 30 videotapes. For high-volume seasons turnaround times, such as Mother's Day and Christmas please contact us. Rush services are available for your convenience.

10 - Is there any advantage to transferring my tapes now?

Technology changes frequently. Old media becomes obsolete as new media enters the scene. While we can't guarantee when or what the next big format of media will be, we do guarantee that our services provide you with the best of today's media options.

If you digitize your videotapes today, you will keep your home movies as good as they are today and stop the loss of image and sound quality. Additionally, with digital video files you can easily create back- ups of your media, cutting down the risk of losing it to accidents. When new media emerges in the future, you can easily migrate your treasured memories from the current format to whatever is coming next. Actually this is one our mantras always backup you media transfers, it does not matter what format DVDs, Blu-Ray, Digital files on a hard drive, always create backup copies of it.

11 - What is an authored DVD?

An authored DVD includes a menu with chapters that link to specific parts of the video file, just like in DVD's that you rent or buy. An authored DVD is more enjoyable to watch because you can go directly to specific times or dates on the DVD through the menu.

13 - Am I preserving my home movies when I transfer it to DVD?

We believes that DVD's are a convenient way to watch, share and duplicate your memories, but when it comes to safely archiving your home movies, there a lot different options on the market today, Blu-Ray discs are a newer and better disc format, hard disk drives, cloud based storage solutions, video sharing sites. They all have their pros and cons arguments think about your goal and choose a format that better serves you.