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MiniDV to DVD in Boston, MA

 The MiniDV format was introduced in 1995. MiniDV tapes are high density cassette tapes that use digital technology to deliver sharp, high quality video and sound. Due to its compact size and lower cost, MiniDV created a revolution in the media production area. Consumers were delighted with the smaller camera size and Independent film makers were just happy that they finally had a medium that they could afford.

MiniDVs are highly susceptible to
dropouts and digital artifacts.

 This is especially true when recorded in extended time mode, a preferred method by most consumers. As MiniDV tapes age they also start to decay, which means your treasured family memories captured on these tapes are also in peril. Put a stop to the wear and tear process by transferring those memories to a digital format like DVDs, Blu-Rays or to external hard disk drive in editable format AVI or MOV.

In House professional transfer services

At HDV Studio, we professionally handle all of your MiniDV to DVD transfer needs in-house using only the highest quality equipment. Your memories go from your hands to ours and back again without ever leaving our lab. We are equipped to transfer your MiniDV contents to DVD or any other new digital media formats.


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preserving your family memories is our business!

MiniDV to DVD simple pricing policy

We have better prices than any other local video transfer companies in the Boston metro area. Prove us wrong and we will match their prices and give you an additional 10% discount. Best of all, you will not be sacrificing quality over price.

  • MiniDV to DVD transfer – up to 1 hour - $15.90 per tape.
  • MiniDV to DVD transfer – 1 to 2 hours - $19.90 per tape.
  • Combine up to 3 short tapes into one 2 hour DVD for a small fee of $6.90
  • Additional copies are just $7.90
  • Please inquiry about volume discount
  • We can create Customized DVDs of your MiniDV tapes.
    MiniDV to DVD Transfer Prices includes:
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Premiun Verbatim Datalife AquaAce DVD orJVC( Taiyo Yuden)
    Watershield DVD.
  • Label printed direct on the disc.
  • Full standard DVD case.
  • Label printed on insert or DVD jacket.

Feeling creative? Do want to create your own DVDs or a special family story with bits and pieces of different videotapes? Don't know how to import your VHS tapes into your computer? This service is for you. Click on Video to AVI for additional information on VHS to Hard Drive or VHS to AVI services.

Customized DVD. We can also create custom DVDs of your VHS tapes by combining, editing and creating special menus and sub menus. Click on Custom DVD for additional information. Let us know how we can help you create a special gift to honor past generations and share with future ones, ensuring that your treasured family memories are never forgotten.

Video to DVD transfers: Why choose HDV STUDIO?

If you have damaged tapes check our videotape repair page for information and prices on videotape repair. For questions about our Video to DVD transfer services, visit our Video to DVD FAQ page or contact us.

We are Boston's Most Trusted VHS to DVD Transfer Provider. But don't take just our word for it; see what one satisfied customer had to say about HDV Studio services.

Highly professional, trustworthy service!

"I was very nervous bringing in all my employer's precious 8mm films, Hi8 and VHS tapes, and numerous slides. From the start you were conscious of how important this memorabilia is. Your work is highly professional with a quick turnaround. In addition, you continued to be available to offer advice on how to store the materials and how to work with the digital files. Plus, you offer the best rates in the whole area. Why would someone go anywhere else?!"
Patricia Ward, Wellesley MA

Read more on our Testimonials page. Please feel free to contact us with any questions