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Video Editing Services

HI8-to-DVD_HI8 Tape and logoDo you have an important family event coming up?
Do you Feel like throwing a curve ball at your annual company banquet?
Must impress a potential customer with a video presentation?

HDV Studio can help you create a video to fulfill all of your needs. You will laugh and cry with our videos. You will celebrate new life and pay your respects to older ones. You will impress your most demanding customers .

Give as a call and let us know how we can help.
We can use any media that can be scanned or shot with a camera to create your video presentation. Here are some examples of media formats that we can use: Video, Film, Photos, Slides, Documents, flat artwork.

HI8-to-DVD_HI8 Tape and logo We can create:

Web videos
Specialty videos such as - Video Biography, Love Story, Day In The Life, Tribute Videos.
Events videos such as - Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Wedding Rehearsal dinner, Mother's/Father's Day, Family Reunion, Class reunion.
College recruiting video - whether your son/daughter is an athlete or poet we can create a highlight video to help with college admissions.

When you are ready to discuss your options or start the creation process, just give us a call at (508) 653-1500,

We'll work with you to create the your perfect video presentation.