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Super8 to DVD in Boston, MA

Super 8 film came on the market around 1965. It was quickly adopted by home movie enthusiasts. and after a while, by amateur movie makers as well. The film featured one smaller sprocket hole and more of the film frame was used for the recorded image, thus improving recording quality.

It introduced an easier way to load the film and you didn't need to re-thread and reload the cartridge as with regular8 film avoiding the dreaded double exposure effect. Around 1973, super 8 introduced the ability to record sound, enchanting even more of its users

We understand that you do not want to trust the handling of your precious family memories to just anyone. That’s why at HDV Studio, we handle all of you Super 8 to DVD conversions in house and never send them out to a processing center. We take pride in providing you with a new format for reliving and enjoying those old memories. As such, all of our services come standard with our Quality Service Guarantee. Give us a call at 508-653-1500 or stop by our Natick, MA studio today to discuss all of your film to DVD transfer needs

Our Super8 to DVD Transfers are made with a Tobin Cinema System machine with true speed technology. This means that your film and sound are in perfect sync at all times.

Check out a family memory brought back to life with this sample of an Super8 film to DVD transfer below.

Super8 film transfer sample


Childhood memories restored!

"I want to thank you for the great work you did in preparing the [8mm film-to-DVD transfer] for my family. We viewed them with our Mom who is now in her mid 80's and so many childhood memories were restored - and the format with the thumbnails on DVDs make it very easy to find a specific funny scene or other memory."
- D. Granville, Pelham NH