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Polavision Film to DVD in Boston, MA

Polavision was a self-developing film camera launched by Polaroid in 1977. Unlike other film stock, the Polavision cartridge was a small rectangular box with self-contained film that developed itself using a chemical process.

The film format is similar to the Super 8mm format. Unfortunately for the early adopters, Polavision was a complete disaster. The produced images were murky and dark and the film had what we call a “Boiling water effect. It was also late to the market and just did not stand a chance against the higher quality, more user-friendly new media hitting the marketplace.

The debut of the video tape formats Betamax and VHS completely killed Polavision. As such, the format was discontinued in 1979.

 Fortunately, HDV STUDIO is able to transfer your Polavision film to DVD or any digital format of your choice. You do not need to lose those years of treasured memories that were captured on Polavision when you trust us with preserving your film legacy.

Note: The only way to transfer Polavision is remove the film from the cartridge and splice the film into standard film reels.

 Transferring your Polavision film to DVD is easy with HDV Studio. Simply drop off your film cartridges in our Natick, MA lab. We will handle the transfer process in house using our professional equipment and frame-by-frame process to ensure a high quality, flicker free final product.

Additionally, as with all work performed by HDV Studio, your Polavision film to DVD transfer is covered by our Quality Service Guarantee. It is our privilege to have a hand in preserving your family memories and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Check out a family memory brought back to life with this sample of an Polavision film to DVD transfer below.

Polavision film transfer sample


Childhood memories restored!

"I want to thank you for the great work you did in preparing the [8mm film-to-DVD transfer] for my family. We viewed them with our Mom who is now in her mid 80's and so many childhood memories were restored - and the format with the thumbnails on DVDs make it very easy to find a specific funny scene or other memory."
- D. Granville, Pelham NH