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Film Calculator

How to Use the Calculator

  • Choose you film format.
  • Enter the frame rate
  • Enter the amount of film

* These are the most common film reel sizes

* Measure film reel from edge to edge.

* Most reels will having marks to aproximate how much film you have stored on them in case they are not full.

Film format information:

8mm silent

  • Regular-8 Silent film
  • Also Know as standard-8, cine-8 or simply 8mm.
  • Usually shot or run at 15-16fps, later on it was changed to 18fps
  • One of the most common film formats.

with sound

  • Regular-8 Magnetic sound film
  • Shoot and run at 24fps.
  • We hardly see it, but it is out there.

super 8

super 8

  • Super 8 silent film/Super 8 manetic sound film
  • Shoot at 18fps or 24fps
  • Smaller sprocket holes, allows for an additional recordable area.
  • The obvious difference is the brown magnetic soundtrack.


16mm with
optical sound

16mm with
magnetic sound

  • 16mm film - Optical 16mm - Magnetic 16mm
  • Shoot at 15/16fps, 18fps, 24fps.
  • 24fps was used by serious hobbyists and
    commercial productions.
  • The above graphic clearly shows the
    difference between the formats