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8mm to DVD in Boston, MA

When 8mm film first hit the consumer market around 1932, capturing family memories on film became a more practical and economical process.

8mm film, also known as regular 8 film or standard 8 film, served as a less expensive, more streamlined version of the previously used 16mm film.

It was usually shot at 16 frames per second, allowing a recording time of

4 minutes and 10 second per film reel.

 Since 8mm film has such a long history, it is likely that there are many 8mm film reels as part of your family legacy. Maybe there's a hidden box in your garage or your parent's attic. Or maybe you know exactly where all the old family movies are located but you don't know what to do with them.

Who knows what wonderful trove of lost memories these reels may contain - your mother's wedding, your sister's 1st communion, your first steps?

While HDV Studio can't help you track down the hidden treasures, we can turn the ones you do have into your choice of digital formats or DVD for your viewing pleasure today and in the future. Then when you find and rescue other 8mm film reels from your past, bring those in to us too. Preserving your family's memories is our business!

 Transferring your 8mm film to DVD is easy with HDV Studio in your corner. Simply ship your film reels to us or bring them into our Natick, MA lab. We will handle the transfer process in house using our professional equipment and frame-by-frame process to ensure a high quality, flicker free final product. Additionally, as with all work performed

by HDV Studio, your 8mm to DVD transfer is covered by our Quality Service Guarantee. It is our privilege to have a hand in preserving your family memories and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Check out a family memory brought back to life with this sample of an 8mm film to DVD transfer below.

8mm film transfer sample


Childhood memories restored!

"I want to thank you for the great work you did in preparing the [8mm film-to-DVD transfer] for my family. We viewed them with our Mom who is now in her mid 80's and so many childhood memories were restored - and the format with the thumbnails on DVDs make it very easy to find a specific funny scene or other memory."
- D. Granville, Pelham NH