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16mm to DVD in Boston, MA

Introduced in 1923, the 16mm film format was a cheaper alternative to the 35mm professional format. Although initially developed for amateurs and home movie recordings, 16mm was adopted and used for professional productions. This was especially true after the introduction of sound recording and Kodachrome film. 16mm film is still used today in amateur and professional productions all over the world.

 Our 16mm film to DVD services give you the best value for your money. We can transfer your 16mm film to DVD, to MiniDV and to an external hard disk drive for future editing.
We are able to transfer 16mm Optical sound from your film at no additional charge. Our 16mm film transfers are made a frame-by-frame HD system.

The best way to preserve your film and ensure your memories live on for future generations is to trust HDV STUDIO of Boston, Massachusetts with your 16mm conversion to DVD needs. Our professional technology and years of experience will give you the most economical, quality finished product you can find. We are so sure you’ll be delighted that we offer a Quality Service Guarantee on all of our work.

It is our privilege to have a hand in preserving your family memories and your satisfaction is our top priority.
Check out a family memory brought back to life with this sample of an 16mm film to DVD transfer below.

16mm film transfer sample


HDV was excellent to work with!

"HDV studious transferred some 30-50 year old 8mm film into DVD. These were old family videos that had not been seen in years and were quickly deteriorating due to their age. HDV was able to successfully transfer the film reels to DVD format and capture the audio from the film. Multiple DVD copies were provided as well as the video files being provided on hard drive.

HDV was excellent to work with. Their pricing was very competitive and accurate. They explained the potential issues that may occur when dealing with old film that had not been stored correctly. They met the time frames we discussed and put in extra effort to ensure all the sound was captured from the old film."