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16 Burning Tree Rd Natick, MA

Serving The Greater Boston & Beyond

Film to DVD Transfer, Boston, MA

8mm, Super8, 16mm, Polavision Film.

We are here to ensure the highest level of service and quality.

Though film has a relatively long life span, the end result of any film transfer is going to depend largely on how your film was shot, processed and stored. The lab you choose to transfer your film is also pivotal in terms of achieving the best results. Advances in digital technology combined with lower storage costs make the case for you to digitize your film memories today.

Our Film to DVD transfer services offer you a cost conscious way of doing just that. Using professional film transfer equipment, we are able to convert 8mm to DVD, super8 to DVD, 16mm to DVD and Polavision film to DVD.

Our goal is to ensure that your family history on film is not lost forever. What a shame it would be to lose a part of your family's past, when taking these simple steps would eliminate that heartbreaking possibility. Day in and day out, we at HDV STUDIO are dedicated to preserving this irreplaceable footage. We do this not only for you and your family to enjoy now, but for your children and grandchildren to cherish in the future as well.

Our frame-by-frame transfer process is guaranteed to deliver a high quality and flicker-free video file that is then transferred to a professional grade digital tape, or Mini-DV.

our Authored DVD make it a breeze for you archive and retrieve scenes from that magical Christmas morning you never get tired of watching. The FREE transfer to a provided hard disk drive adds even more value to your film conversion, especially as an additional digital back up file. It also gives you the ability to begin editing your film right away.


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Film Quantity Film Price
Up to 200 feet $69.90
Up to 400 feet $99.90
401 to 1000 feet $0.25 per foot
1001 to 2000 $0.23 per foot
2001 to 3000 $0.21 per foot
3001 to 4000 $0.19 per foot
4001 to 5000 $0.17 per foot
5001 to up $0.16 per foot

Price includes

  • Inspecting and cleaning film
  • Replace bad splices
  • Splicing film onto larger reels
  • Professional grade digital tape - MiniDV. Other tape formats available for an additional cost.
  • DVD copy
  • Custom opening and closing title
  • Authored DVDs chaptered by reel numbers or dates
  • High quality disc label and insert Printing.
  • Background music

Available Custom Options:

  • Music synching - matching specific scenes with your choice of music
  • Voice-over: re-live history as you narrate your film for the next generation
  • Custom editing: create custom DVDs from your film transfer
  • Motion thumbnails: a delightful add-on for your authored DVD

Authored DVD Demo

Fixing Superstore Mistakes!

After 2 badly failed attempts at having our families 8mm home video reliably converted to digital format by a large well known retailer and their contractors we realized there is no substitute for a local well managed small shop when it comes to this type of transaction. Luckily we found Luis who was able do what the automated superstore couldn't...personally make sure all the film was converted and manage the whole process. Moreover, it was a great price, especially because he delivers a complete archival quality digital copy of all footage along with the DVDs. We would definitely recommend HDV Studio to all.

Michael Murphy, Worcester, MA

Before you bring your film in, please:

  1. Label your film reels in the exact order you'd like them to be transferred.
  2. Compose an opening and closing message for your film to DVD transfer. Your personal message can be up to ten words each and is included in the package.
  3. For background music on your DVD, please pick one of the background music choices we offer, or burn a CD with your own personal music. If you don't know how to burn a CD, call us and we'll walk you through it.
  4. Determine how you want your DVD to be chaptered. Would you like the film menu to be divided by dates, places or reel numbers? Label each chapter with short, three-word descriptive names.
  5. Personalize your Film to DVD conversion with a favorite family photo. Bring the picture with your film. We'll scan it and use it for the DVD jacket at no extra charge.
  6. Bring or ship the film to our lab, in Natick, Massachusetts, and we'll take care of the rest.

Do you need to look at your film
before the transfer?

If you would like to go through your film before the transfer
process, we have film viewers available

All Film Transfers Are Performed in our Lab.