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Video to Blu-Ray Transfer

Are you still holding on to your old analog tapes like VHS, VHS-C or HI8? These tapes are old now and you have probably seen the results of what time can do them. We can help you hold on to the memories recorded on these old videotapes by transferring them to new digital media. 
As an alternative to DVD transfer we are also offering Video to Blu-Ray transfers.

Why Transfer to Blu-Ray?

Blu-Ray is a newer and better disc format developed to handle high definition media. The discs are able to handle more storage than standard DVDs. Most media experts agree that Blu-Ray will replace DVD technology within the next few years. When transferring your family memories to Blu-ray, you are getting the newest disc technology on the market and also saving space. We can combine up to 6 two hour tapes into one 25GB Blu-Ray disc. Your tapes will be transferred to Standard definition MPG2 file with a very high bit rate and optimal quality.

Blu-Ray Navigation

Each tape recorded on your new Blu-Ray disc will have its own menu and index marks so you can skip ahead in five minute increments. We can also create customized menus and sub-menus to facilitate navigation to different segments of your video collection.

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Blu-Ray transfer-FAQ

What formats do you transfer to Blu-Ray?
All major videotapes formats - VHS, VHS-C, Video8, HI8, Digital8, MiniDV and Betamax.

Why should I transfer my VHS tapes into Blu-ray when VHS tapes do not have enough resolution?
In this transfer method, we are not up-converting your videotapes. We are just taking advantage of the higher storage capacity of Blu-Ray discs and transferring your tapes at a higher bit rate than we could normally use with DVD transfers.

Why do you not up-convert?
We do not believe it is worth your money! A hardware or software up-conversion of a VHS tape is not going to be much better than what your own DVD player can do. With Digital tapes like Digital8 and MiniDV good quality up-conversions are possible.

Video to Blu-Ray Transfer simple pricing policy:

  • Video to Blu-Ray  –  One 2 hour tape..........$39.00
  • Video to Blu-Ray  –  Two 2 hour tapes....... $58.00
  • Video to Blu-Ray  –  Three 2 hour tapes......$87.00
  • Video to Blu-Ray  –  Four 2 hour tapes........$116.00
  • Video to Blu-Ray  –  Five 2 hour tapes.........$145.00
  •  Video to Blu-Ray  –  Six 2 hour tapes..........$170.00
  • Additional Blu-Ray copies..............................$29.00

  • Video to Blu-Ray Transfer Includes:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Premiun Blu-Ray Media
  • Label printed direct on the disc.
  • Full standard DVD case or Blu-Ray case.
  • Label printed on insert or Blu-Ray jacket.