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HDV Tape to Blu-Ray Transfer

HDV was the first affordable HD format available to consumers and professionals; it allowed you to recorded pristine HD material on standard MiniDV tapes. A lot of consumers end up transferring their HDV tapes to DVDs, because of the lack affordable Blu-Ray transfer facilities.

Why Transfer to Blu-Ray?

Recordable Blu-Ray discs and players prices has come down considerable, the technology has mature and it is time for you see how awesome the home movies you have recorded on your HDV tapes really was. Our HDV transfer to Blu-Ray discs are with professional equipment at a affordable rate come and see for yourself.

Blu-Ray Navigation

Each tape recorded on your new Blu-Ray disc will have its own menu and index marks so you can skip ahead in five minute increments. We can also create customized menus and sub-menus to facilitate navigation to different segments of your video collection.

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Video to Blu-Ray Transfer simple pricing policy:

  • HDV to Blu-Ray  –  Tapes up to one hour..........$59.00
  • HDV to Blu-Ray  –  Tapes 1 to 2 hours............. $99.00
  • Additional Blu-Ray copies..................................$29.00

  • Video to Blu-Ray Transfer Includes:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Premiun Blu-Ray Media
  • Label printed direct on the disc.
  • Full standard DVD case or Blu-Ray case.
  • Label printed on insert or Blu-Ray jacket.